Sweet Potato Curry

Satay sweet potato curry, this is one of my absolute favourite dishes, can you guess the secret ingredient?

Peanut butter!

Nut butters tend to be a stable in many plant based diets and they are also great to cook and bake with.

Nut butters are a great source of healthy fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. Be aware that nut butters are high in calories but evidence suggests as part of a balanced diet they can help improve cholesterol levels.

Opt of nut butters without added salt, sugar and palm oil.

The cooking time with this recipe is approx 40 mins but it is very simple to cook and the majority of the cooking time it can be left to simmer.

Servings: 4

Prep: 5-10 mins

Cook: 35-40 mins


- 1 tbsp oil (coconut or rapeseed, recommended)

- 1 onion (finely chopped)

- 2 cloves of garlic (grated)

- 1 tsp of ginger paste

- 3 tbsp Thai red curry paste

- 1 tbsp smooth peanut butter

- 500g sweet potato (peeled and 2cm pieces)

- 400ml can coconut milk

- 200g baby spinach (washed)

- 150-200g (1/2 can) of chickpeas

- juice of 1 lime

- rice (boiled or steamed, optional)


  1. Heat a saucepan over a medium heat with 1 tbsp of oil and add chopped onion for 5 mins until softened.

  2. Then add garlic cloves and ginger paste, and cook for 1 min.

  3. Mix in the red curry paste, smooth peanut butter and sweet potato, peeled, alongside coconut milk and water.

  4. Then simmer (uncovered), for about 35-40 mins until the sweet potato is soft.

  5. Whilst the curry is cooking, start cooking rice according to packet instructions.

  6. Add the chickpeas and spinach and stir through.

  7. Before serving mix in the juice of 1 lime, and season well.

  8. Best served with cooked rice and a sprinkling of crushed dry roasted peanuts.

Stays fresh in an airtight container in the fridge for 2-3 days. Suitable for home freezing.

Inspired by a recipe from BBC good food.

For full nutritional breakdown and printable recipe please click here

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