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Please see the simple description listed with each appointment I offer, adjustments to the plans can be made based on requirements of each individual. Home visits are available upon request.  For enquiries or to book a free 15-minute telephone consultation please email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Initial Nutrition Assessment (1 hour)
Health check including:
- Body composition analysis (BMI, percentage body fat, metabolic age, and hydration).
- Feedback on your dietary recall using the latest nutrition analysis software.
- Personalised meal plan based on your age, gender and requirements.
- Recipe ideas depending on your dietary preferences.
- 24/7 real-time contact with a nutritionist for a month.
Follow-up appointment (45 mins)
I will review your progress to date, make any necessary changes to help you to achieve your goals. I advise clients on long-term weight loss plans to attend 2 or 3 follow up a consultation over a three to six month period.
Nutrition Consultation & Fitness (2 hours)
In addition to my nutrition consultation services, this package includes a customised exercise plan to help you to achieve your desired results. The exercise plan will be developed around your lifestyle, goals and current fitness levels.
Personal Training (1 hour)
1-hour personal training session to teach you effective exercises and correct form to help you reach your fitness goals. Training with a professional helps to motivate you and push your fitness to the next level.
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