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A qualified nutritionist and  personal trainer, who is passionate about empowering people to improve their health through diet and exercise.


Graduated from Kingston University with a BSc in Nutrition, and Surrey University with a MSc in Public Health, and working towards a  postgraduate programme in Sport Nutrition.

She is experienced in coaching clients to loose weight with a bespoke dietary plan and associated fitness support.  She has a realistic approach to each individual’s goals, taking into account their lifestyle, any food intolerances and food preferences.


BSc Nutrition, MSc Public Health, Personal Trainer level 3, ANtr Reg. 10297, FNTPm Reg. 104822581

A registered nutritionist, PT and writer, experienced in creating bespoke personalised programs in nutrition and exercise.


Her programs are evidence based, focusing on the long - term benefits of weight management and well being. 


Charlotte's motivation to help others improve their health comes from her own struggles with food. 


"My interest in nutrition began after suffering from IBS and experiencing first hand, the influence my diet had on my quality of life. I then went on to study a BSc in Nutrition at University". 


Recently, she has created recipes for a Health Company in the US and writes articles regarding current health trends and new studies. 


She is also a qualified personal trainer, who values the importance of exercise along side nutrition and delivers personal training sessions as part of her programs.


She is regularly seeking professional development. To ensure she is providing advice based on the latest research she is embarking on a Masters in Sports Nutrition.


BSc Nutrition, ANtr Reg: 2915, Personal Trainer, REPS 3 NO. R0151069

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