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Spicy Asian Mason Salad Jar

It is estimated that 95% of adults in the UK don't consume enough fibre and according to the NHS only one in 4 of us are getting our recommended 5 a day for fruits and vegetables. Salads are a great way of helping you reach your 5 a day, as well as increasing your fibre intake. They are quick to make and suitable for any budget. They are most appetising during the summer months when you are craving something cool, crisp and refreshing. This crunchy peanut salad is a tasty Asian inspired recipe. Each serving will provide you with 13g of protein (approx 20% of your RDA) and 10g of fibre (approx 40% of your RDA) but at the same time is low in sugars and calories. Spicy Salad Recipe Servings: 2

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